Sabine Weiss, Last Humanist Photographer

The year 2021 has come to an end, taking with it Sabine Weiss (1924 - 2021), 97 years old, talented photographer and major figure of humanist photography. Zeinberg pays tribute to her by offering you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the free and poetic images of this icon of modern photography.

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Capturing the Christmas spirit in pictures

The end of the year celebrations are a good time for photography. Gathered with family or friends, it's the time to take portraits and group photos that show precious moments of sharing. For some photography enthusiasts, it will even be the opportunity to test a new camera just received. 

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Photographing Autumn

Fall is a great time to spend a weekend in the comfort of your own home, but it's also a great time for photography enthusiasts. 

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3 tips for progressing in photography without taking photos

In photography as in many other fields, taking a step back can be the source of dazzling progress. Exercising your eyes requires assiduous practice, but a good photographer also knows how to look away from the lens. Discover our 3 tips for making progress in photography without even having your camera at hand!

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Fashion Photography: Beyond the Garment

From Paris to Milan, London to New York, the most elegant capitals celebrate fashion as September heralds the most anticipated fashion weeks of the year. While the catwalks are dressed in their finest, professional photographers and street-style enthusiasts alike are getting ready to grab their cameras and capture the spirit of the times.




Zeinberg invites you to celebrate fashion week with an overview of our favourite Yellow Korner fashion photos, an opportunity to be inspired for personal compositions?


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Enhance your holiday photos

Summer is coming to an end and with it the chapter of our holidays, near or far, is closing. Are you wondering how to get the best out of your holiday photos? Follow the advice of our partner photo lab of professional artist-photographers to hold on to the summer and the sweetness of its days.


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Get some altitude with Aerial Photography

You don't always have to find new subjects to photograph to get a different perspective on the world around you. Professional photographers have understood this: aerial photography allows them to embrace a different point of view to capture scenes in a new light. Here is an overview of the most beautiful images to rise without leaving the ground...


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Africa in front of the lens

Follow Yellow Korner galleries' partner photographers to Africa and discover the beauty of this continent. Let yourself be inspired by the images of these professionals to bring a wild touch to your own photo prints and to your home, wherever you are !

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Escape to the sea

The ocean fascinates the greatest photographers. If you're lucky enough to spend your summer on the coast, take the opportunity to improve your photographic practice and imagine new approaches for original vacation images worthy of professional artists. Here is our selection and some tips to inspire you before you set sail. 

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Boost your photographic creativity with reflections

You want to bring a little originality to your photos ? Are you looking for a different angle to give your portraits and landscapes a personal signature? The play of reflections should seduce you! Discover our tips to make the most of these highly photogenic reflections.

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Succeed with your street art photos

For art lovers, our cities are open-air museums. Street art, tags and graffiti are true works of art. Capture the cheeky spirit of these messages before they are replaced by other street artists' creations and take a stroll through the city to capture the urban atmosphere of street art in your personal photos.

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Photographic road trip in Italy

Whether you plan to travel to Italy or not this summer, we suggest you escape in images. Prepare your next escapades by taking inspiration from photographers who have sublimated Italy and its landscapes for future original vacation photos or simply for the pleasure of being enchanted by a dolce vita atmosphere.

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The essentials of photography: the vanishing lines

The best rule in photography is to let your inspiration speak for itself, but there are certain principles that, once learned, will enhance your subject and emphasize the strength of your compositions. Among these essentials, the vanishing lines are unavoidable.

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Successful long exposures

The long exposure consists in using an exposure time of several seconds to several hours in order to obtain a very particular result. Often used for night photography, to immortalise a starry sky or in an urban environment, long exposure makes it possible to get rid of the lack of light for a perfectly exposed result.

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Discover underwater photography

Wildlife and naturalist photographers are on the front line to witness the impact of global warming and pollution on our ecosystems. Among them, those who dive to meet marine fauna are the privileged witnesses of the richness and fragile balance of oceanic biodiversity.

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Rediscover places with a photographer's eye

The past months could not satisfy our desire to travel, fortunately our city centers are full of inspiring places. By looking at these places with new eyes, discover how to renew your photographic creativity by taking inspiration from these architectural and urbex photographers.

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Photography & Film

B7th and 8th art are often dissociated. However, photography and cinema share the same language: that of the image. A film is 24 images per second to which the actors give voice. Filming photography: a fantasy that never ceases to seduce directors. Discover this mixture of genres here.

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Succeeding with your wedding photos

A once-in-a-lifetime moment, a wedding is a precious opportunity to immortalise your love for eternity in an exceptional setting. Whether you entrust your wedding photos to a professional or to a friend or family member, discover our tips for successful wedding photos.

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Discover astrophotography

Astrophotography is a fascinating discipline. With their heads in the stars but their feet firmly planted on the ground, astrophotographers invite us to look up into the infinite.

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Go on a late-night photographic walk

At night, cities and countryside are adorned with a wave of mystery. In times of confinement and curfews, night photography becomes a forbidden game. If the night photographic walks have been stopped for a while, it is still possible to dream in front of the superb images that these insomniac photographers offer us, or even to begin to learn this practice.

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Photographing wild animals

Many photographers share their nature and wildlife photographs. These pictures remind us of the beauty and fragility of our biodiversity and invite us to take the time to admire these rare or crossed creatures on a daily basis. 

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Understanding photo editing

If purists prefer natural images, untouched by any retouching, others give free rein to their imagination to "improve" reality or even to totally push back the limits. Discover how to make your photo montages a success and be inspired by photographers who combine technical mastery and fantasy for original photos.

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Still life in Photography

A theme cherished by the fine arts, still life is not the prerogative of painting! Photographers have also tried their hand at this practice.

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Amateur and professional photographers often put their cameras away when the sunny days go away. What a pity! If capricious weather remains a challenge, rain, thunderstorm or fog provide particularly powerful dramatic shots. 

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The last few months have confirmed our desire for outdoor adventures and our need for space. While waiting for the opening of the ski areas, Zeinberg invites you to hurtle down the slopes in images through this selection of winter photographs.

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If the human gaze remains the essence of a photograph, the material is of paramount importance. Whether their preferences are based on technical criteria or a sentimental attachment, discover the favorite cameras of these 5 legendary photographers.

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