5 new quotes from photographers to improve your photography

Am 29/04/2021 in 08:42

In photography, as in many other fields, nothing beats the practice and observation of your elders. Here are some quotes from the masters of photography to help you progress.


« You don't take a photograph, you make it. » —

Ansel Adams (1902–1984)


The American environmentalist photographer known for his images of the American West seems to stress the importance of framing. Yet Ansel Adams did not recognise any rules of composition that would naturally bring a good image to life. All that remains is the photographer's talent and eye, a true message of freedom and encouragement to amateur photographers!


« All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth. » —

Richard Avedon (1923-2004)


The fashion photographer Richard Avedon does not seek to discourage photographers, but perhaps rather to invite them to persevere. While no photograph provides total objective truth, all of them allow us to share the truth of their photographer. With these words, Richard Avedon also seems to be suggesting that we revisit our subjects to gain new insights image after image.   


« Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I am going to take tomorrow. » 

Imogen Cunningham (1883-1976)


With this humorous response, the American photographer known for her nudes, her photographs of flowers and artists (Frida Khalo, Edward Weston...) urges us to stay on the lookout, to remain constantly alert without ever being satisfied with our past clichés. His photographic encouragement is a true philosophy of life. 


«The most difficult thing about photography is to keep it simple. » —

Anne Geddes (1956)


The Australian photographer, who became famous for her newborn photos, may love costumes, but she recognises that the challenge is to keep it simple: a wise tip for your portraits. There's no need for props, make-up or elaborate staging, the most successful photos are those that capture their subject in all its naturalness and authenticity. 


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