The 4 Photographers to Follow This Summer on Instagram

Am 26/08/2021 in 10:07

Take advantage of your summer vacation to expand your horizons. These 4 photographers with addictive Instagram accounts promise to put inspiration and escape at your fingertips. 


Charlotte Van Driel, Under The Sun © Yellow Korner



"Minimalism is the ultimate sophistication". Dutch photographer Charlotte Van Driel's Instagram profile opens with these words that perfectly describe her photographic style. Poetic and graphic, her compositions in sherbet hues are a real delight!


Jorge de la Torriente, Pink Umbrellas © Yellow Korner



Beach houses, colorful umbrellas or boats seen from the sky on a turquoise sea: Jorge de la Torriente's retro-pop style photographs will delight lovers of pastel summer images. Other of his compositions capturing with sobriety the movements of gnarled trunks are also a beautiful discovery. 


Mina Mimbu, Dreamer © Yellow Korner



Are you in the mood for a little sweetness and poetry? The discovery of the account of Mina Mimbu, a photographer of Japanese origin, is a pure delight. Her photographs, featuring children in dreamlike compositions, are a real daydream.

Marc Adamus, So Long for this Moment Boundary Range Alaska © Yellow Korner


Photographer Marc Adamus is a master of light and long exposure. On his account, prepare to be amazed by sun-drenched forests, cloud-piercing peaks and stunning aurora borealis. This landscape photographer and eternal globetrotter is the assurance of a rich feed of spellbinding images. 


Let yourself be inspired by these professional photographers who are partners of the Yellow Korner galleries. Their Instagram accounts are invitations to experiment with photography this summer and then share your best photos on your own account. Whether you use filters and editing softwares or are an adept of natural photography, posting your photos online will allow you to interact with a community of enthusiasts from all over the world. 




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