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Tips to succeed your black and white photographs

Am 01/03/2019 in 15:05

Tips to succeed your black and white photographs


Why immortalizing a colorless world? 


Far from losing strength, the monochrome brings out the contrasts, the shapes and the shadows to magnify the light and the composition. The subject is then truly enhanced, since the color can distract our attention. 

Discover how to succeed your black and white photographs with these simple tips that change everything. 



1- An initial choice. 


It will always be more relevant to photograph in black and white and to integrate this data while composing your image, rather than using a filter in post production. Depending on the subject or the light, monochrome will impose itself.


2- Enhance the subject’s texture 

For a nature photograph, for instance, the monochrome highlights the material’s relief such as the wood or the rock. 

For a portrait photograph, it is the skin texture that will be sublimated. 


3- Play with the shapes 

Do not hesitate to play with symmetry. Why do not try with a forest landscapes? It will give rhythm to your photo and dynamise it, so that you will immediately forget the lack of colour. 


4- Put the photographed scene into perspective

Consider bringing out lines, natural or constructed in the case of architectural photography or urban scenes.


5- Bring contrast 


Fill the lack of light by playing on shades of grey and working on light to dark tones.

You can even do some backhand testing to let your subject's silhouette cut out or even create a completely white background in the backdrop.


6- Change format 

If you already master the tweaks of your device, then take the next step and shoot in RAW format: ideal for applying the desired exposure settings with processing software.


Timeless and a bit mysterious, black and white will give depth to your images. Black and white printing is one of the areas of expertise of our Zeinberg laboratory, so you can add character to your interior thanks to a black and white print of your most beautiful shots with Zeinberg online photo printing.


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