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The bases of portrait photography

Am 07/03/2019 in 16:24

The bases of portrait photography


Equipped with a Hybrid or Reflex camera or even a smartphone, the pleasure of immortalizing your loved ones is universal.

Good news: portrait photography is accessible to all, without any photo training, subject to know a few tips. 

To succeed your portraits and capture a baby photo or a wedding photography in professional quality, follow these 5 tips. 


1- A focus is needed 

For a portrait photo, the ideal is to focus on the look or on the cheekbone. 

Leave the “automatic” mode and use the collimators to sublimate the expression of your model. 


2- Focus on your model

Chose a maximum aperture setting (f / 4 or lower) for a blur effect on the background. 

A large aperture smoothes the imperfections while softening the skin. 

This setting is extremely effective to capture the model’s look. If you are considering a photo print, think about it for your next family photographs! 


3- Direct your model 


What makes the difference between a common and an extraordinary photo portrait, beyond technicality, is the feeling that emerges from it. 

The expression is crucial but so is the posture. 

Suggest to your model to slightly lower the chin in order to enlarge the eyes. 

Remember that a face portrait will give off a feeling of power and confidence by exacerbating the features, while a 3/4 or profile pose will thin the face, and will favor another reading.


4- Prefer a soft light 


A more diffuse exposure will enhance your model and prevent too strong shadows, so avoid triggering in full sun as against the light. 

Outdoors use a diffuser or your environment: a wall behind your subject will, for example, reflect light. 

In the studio, the lighting will be more flexible. 


5- Think about photo retouching

Dare to retouch your photos to erase a roughness or red eyes.

However, make sure to keep intact the features of your model, otherwise you might lose the power of the image. 


Now, do your portraits deserve a photo exhibition? 

Opt for a custom-size photo print with Zeinberg online photo lab. Your gallery-quality printed portraits can be magnified with a gallery frame or an Aluminium finish to delight family and friends or customize your walls. 

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