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10 Original spots to take photos in Paris

Am 04/04/2019 in 11:15

Despite the appearances, it is possible to think outside the box to immortalize the city of light. Discover a dozen unusual places to capture the photogeny of Paris without falling into tourist clichés (no bad play on words).


Try out art photography at “ La Butte aux Cailles”. 

Discover the street-art contrasting with the authenticity of the neighborhood. Dénoyer street  in Belleville is also a favorite spot for Paris graffiti artists.


The bridges perspective

Essential for a symmetrical black and white composition: the graphic lines of the Parisian bridges.

The Bir Hakeim bridge is the most photogenic for a night out photo session.

Dare the night photo at La Défense

The business district will be an ideal playground to capture modern architecture and neon lights. Remember to bring a tripod.

Go back in time along the walkways

The passage of the Grand Cerf or the Vivienne gallery offer you beautiful games of perspectives for a Belle Epoque frame.

Paris for nature photographs? 

Go to the greenhouse plant garden to immortalize a jungle bathed in light in the heart of the city. Change of scenery guaranteed, personalized and breathtaking photos guaranteed!

Progress in macro photography

To do so, nothing is better than to stroll along the flower and bird market stalls on the island of The City. Perfect for pictures of animals or colorful plants.

Want some original architectural photos?

Immortalize the ceilings and arches of the Conciergerie or the nave of the Collège des Bernardins.


Bridging your desires elsewhere

Paris is full of exotic places: discover the Loo house in the heart of the 8th district: a pagoda little known that will make you travel to China. 


Put some color in your photos rue Crémieux

A perfect background for portraits enhanced by the shimmering colors of the houses.

These original places will give your personal photos a unique signature. A professional edition will then allow you to develop your Paris gallery quality photos with a tailor-made printing solution. A large format print will give your photos a central place in your home.


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