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How to make beautiful night photos?

Am 23/04/2019 in 15:02

For a beginner or a professional, it is difficult to succeed night photos. However, by applying these tips, your nocturnal photos, portraits or landscapes, will do their effect.


Choose the right moment and the right place. 

No need to wait until it is dark. A few minutes after sunset, the sky keeps an ideal deep blue tint: this short moment called "the blue hour".


Think also of original clichés that will make sense with the darkness: the reflections of lighting on the water for example.

Adjust your exposure settings

Bypassing the lack of light is the main goal for professional quality night photography. The concepts discussed above will allow you to adjust the aperture (amount of light captured), the speed of exposure (capture time) and the ISO (sensitivity of the sensor to this light).

At night, your photos require maximizing these settings. Choose the "priority speed" mode and a higher ISO sensitivity, while limiting the appearance of noise, a longer exposure time, but without blur, and a large aperture ... not easy! However, with a little practice, your night photos will quickly become your pride.

Equip yourself for images worthy of a photo exhibition

Without investing too much, choose lenses with maximum openness.


However, the key to successful nighttime photos is not the lens but the tripod that stabilizes your camera. If you don't want to clutter up, there are also stabilized lens.


Beat the flash for your portrait photographs

Not recommended for transcribing an urban panorama, the flash suits the portraits.

Turn down its power, look for a more flattering diffuse light, or use a remote flash to avoid a pale look on your subject, or too much shadows.

Another tip: in your white balance settings mode "Tungsten" is ideal for scenes bathed in lights, type neon or street lights.

Finally, remember to charge your device, the night photo consuming more battery.


Once these tips are applied, your exceptional images can be an opportunity to opt for an online photo development. Personalized printing and professional quality supervision by our expert laboratory will enhance your photos.

For an original gift idea and to impress your loved ones, also opt for a professional print of your night photos.


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