The 5 good resolutions of the photographer for 2021

Am 21/01/2021 in 10:59

The new year is propitious to good resolutions, if all will not be kept, discover here our easy to keep good resolutions to succeed in your photographs in 2021.




1 - Keep your camera within reach 

No need to wait for your next vacation, your daily life certainly contains subjects to practice photography. As in many fields, regularity is the key to success. Taking and sharing one photo a day all year round (challenge 365) or during 52 weeks are among the most popular challenges to keep your motivation. Take your camera everywhere with you and you will quickly have the reflex to immortalize the poetry of everyday life. 




2 - Challenge yourself

Having trouble finding inspiration? Creativity can flourish more easily under duress. Do you launch a thematic challenge each week: specific color, portraits of strangers, objects diverted from their use, nature photography... Need support? Why not invite a friend to take up your challenge or join a group. 





3 - Keep your failed photos

Do you immediately delete your failed shots? On the contrary, take advantage of it to understand and correct your mistakes: blur, underexposure, poor white balance... Take the time to observe the flaws in your images to exercise your eye and progress in photography. 





4 - Organize and archive your images

Is your camera and phone overflowing with pictures? Take the time to sort them out and organize your photo archives using your folders or software. Free up time for processing and retouching your images before sorting them according to the method that suits you best: chronology, location, theme?





5 - Show your photos

You are certainly self-critical, but have you ever shown your photos to people around you? An excellent way to progress is to share your images to gather outside opinions and constructive criticism. You can publish your photos on social networks such as Instagram. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to reward yourself for keeping your good resolutions by offering you a Zeinberg print of your favorite images? Displayed on the walls of your living room or in your lobby, your personal photos will catch the eye of your guests: a first step towards your first exhibition! 


©Justine Grosset